BIBFIX® Race Number Clips - No more safety pins

FINALLY!! No more nasty safety pins on race numbers to ruin your favourite (and expensive) race shirt!! Exclusively only from - BIB..


Additional Shipping Charge

This option is an additional courier charge if you have been requested to pay for courier charges in excess of the shipping fee charged to your purcha..


KEEPA - The Ultimate Shoe Wallet

The Ultimate Shoe WalletThe KEEPA is a durable velcro pouch that quickly attaches to your shoe for convenient storage of your ID, cash, remote or keys..


RANGEHOLDER® 5 club holder

Deal does not include golf clubs - the picture is a representation only. We know you runners and cyclists spend your weekdays on the golf cour..


evoc® Bike Travel Bag - rental only

evoc® BIKE TRAVEL BAG Rent this bike transport bag for your cycling, triathlon and holiday trips by plane, car or train. No matter if Triathlon..


Modern Athlete Irene Ultra - Official T-shirt

Get your limited Modern Athlete Irene Ultra moisture management t-shirt here - Long lasting dye-sublimation attractive print design on technical, mois..


ChampionChip™ Official Timing Chip

The race chip used for all races timed by ChampionChip™  Now you can purchase your race chip with the optional bike clip and have it deli..


Modern Athlete T-shirt

Get your official moisture management Modern Athlete t-shirt!..


Om Die Dam Official 2018 Buff

Get your limited 2018 Om Die Dam Ultra moisture management Buff (Bandana)  here - It's unique, attractive and great for training runs or rac..


Modern Athlete Male New Vest

The Modern Athlete Club is more than just a running club, it is a way for you to interact with other runners, to support and motivate each other, have..